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IR-93 (IR93) compatible Purple ink roller- CE-2400 CE2400


IR-93 / IR93 compatible Purple ink roller cartridge.

For use in the following POS / Cash register / calculator machines:

BMC International CR760 CR-760
Casio CE 2300 CE2300 CE-2300
Casio CE 2350 CE2350 CE-2350
Casio CE 2400 CE2400 CE-2400
Casio CE 7215 CE7215 CE-7215
Epson CR 510 CR510 CR-510
Epson CR 700 CR700 CR-700
Epson CR 750 CR750 CR-750
Epson CR 760 CR760 CR-760
Konic Electr. SR-3020 SR3020 SR 3020
NCR MA-305 MA305
NCR MA-315 MA315
Nikko NK-300 NK300
Noris N1000
Noris N432
Olympia CM-1712 CM1712
Olympia CM-1736 CM1736
Omron RS 2410 RS2410 RS-2410
Royal 8150 nt
Royal 8150 nx
Royal 8160 nt
Royal 8160 nx
Royal CMS-8150 NX CMS8150 NX
Royal CMS-8160 NX CMS8160 NX
Royal CMS-8250 CMS8250
Sharp ER-A250 ERA250
Sharp ER-A310 ERA310
Swintec SW 2140 SW2140
TEC MA 305 MA305
TEC MA 305 R MA305 R
TEC MA 315 MA315
Towa F1-200 F1200
Towa GEO F1-200
Towa NT 2108
Towa NT 2324
Triumph Adler CMS-8200 CMS8200

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  • Model: IR93-c
  • Manufactured by: compatible

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